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GADGET stands for GlobAl Distribution of GEnetic Traits. The GADGET approach rests on the axioms that (1) human populations show striking variation for a wide variety of traits (phenotypes), and (2) virtually all human traits are heritable. The specific genetic variants that influence the expression of heritable human traits can be uncovered by genome-wide association studies (GWAS); hundreds of such studies have discovered thousands of trait-associated variants (alleles). It follows that analysis of the global variation of trait-associated alleles, i.e. how they are distributed among human populations and population groups, can shed light on the genetic basis of human phenotypic diversity. GADGET provides users with a visual platform for exploring the genetic basis of human diversity by calculating polygenic trait scores (PTS – see Learn page for more details) for numerous human traits and visualizing their distributions across global populations.


. GlobAl Distribution of GEnetic Traits (GADGET) web server: polygenic trait scores worldwide. NAR, 2018.

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